DSLR Cleaning Tips and Tricks

DSLR cleaning

Once you get your favorite Digital SLR camera it becomes quite important to keep it clean so that your camera quality could not degrade with the time. It is a good practice to clean your camera on regular basis and specially in summer because at that time your camera and lenses easily get covered with dust and sand. Here we are providing some of the essential tips and techniques about the cleaning of you precious DSLR camera.

  • Never use a cloth or tissue directly to remove the dust particles from the lens because the cloth or tissue trap the dust and causes scratches on the camera. So first of all always try to remove dust with the help of air blower and brush.
  • A variety of cleaning solution available in the market today which make it easy to clean your camera but whenever using the solution rather than spraying it directly to the camera lens always prefer to use solution via tissue or cloth. Because the excess of liquid solution may cause damage to lens.

The steps in camera cleaning are defined below:

Clean the body:
Start the cleaning of your camera by removing dust particles or dirt from the exterior body of the camera by using a soft brush. Along with exterior body try to clean inaccessible areas of camera such as memory card slot because dust is easily accumulated there.

Turn to Viewfinder:
Now start to clean the viewfinder. If it possible and comfortable, remove the rubber eye cup, then brush off the dust gently with the help of a soft cloth or lens-cleaning tissue. Take a special care while cleaning the glass of the viewfinder itself.

Although the screen is covered with a screen protector,you can usually see your LCD screens covered in dust.You can also find marks and fingerprints on the LCD screen that make it tricky and complicated to view your images and subject clearly on screen while shooting. The LCD screen is smooth and flat that make it easy to clean it by using the same type of tissue or cloth that you used for the viewfinder.

The cleaning of Lens is defined here in three easy steps:

  • Exterior of the lens Use air blower or soft brush to remove any dust or dirt from lens exterior and lens hood. Use any type of available anti-static material or cleaning solution by spraying it on microfiber cloth. To clean the rubber zoom and focus rings around the lens, the brushes works great for removing particles in between the rubber lines.
  • Lens mount – It is a very important component of camera that needs more attention while cleaning. It is easily cleaned by the microfiber cloth and cleaning solution. Always keep remember to clean the round contacts on the lens as well.
  • The rear and the front optical elements The lens cleaning tissues instead are perfect tools for the cleaning of glass very well and in case some dust is left it can be easily removed by the rocket blower.