Things to Consider Before Purchase of Your DSLR Camera

Best DSLR Camera

The digital market is touching new peaks day by day with a variety of extreme quality products. The digital cameras also became an important tool for today’s life but when its turn to select a camera its become quite tricky and complicated to make a right choice because the camera world is broad now and their are a variety of cameras available which are similar for a person who is not aware about the specifications and features which really affects the camera quality. Here we are provide expert Digital Camera Reviews so that the user can easily select the Best DSLR Camera without any confusion. In this article we are providing you some of most important features that you should always have to know before purchasing a DSLR.

  • Body:
    The outer body structure of your DSLR really effects its durability and life. How much tough the outer body it will really impact on the the safety of your camera such as it keeps your camera dust proof and weather proof.
  • Image Sensor:
    Now a days the cameras stores the images on a small piece of chip that is a amazing…

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Nikon Zoom Lenses is digial camera review website works to provide expert and most elaborated reviews on the In this article we are listing top rated wide angle lenses from Nikon. There are two type of lenses that you can additionally fit in to your DSLR camera as per the requirement. Primary and zoom lenses. The primary lenses have fixed focal length while the zoom lenses have capability to shoot at variable focal lengths. The zoom lenses are an ideal choice for the photographers who have to capture a variety of photographs such as portraits, landscapes, interiors, large group photos and when have to shoot in confined situations.

nikon 80-400mm

Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II AF-S Nikkor Zoom Lens: The Nikon lens provide excellent image quality on both DX and FX formats and performs best at the focal length of 200 mm. The Superb build quality of lens protects it from dust and moisture. The lens is integrated with the Nikkor VR II image stabilization, Nano crystal coating, internal…

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10 Brilliant Tips for Low light photography

low light photography

Low light photography can not be considered not only as photography in moon light as we generally assume. There are number of situations where light intensity are not compatible for the photography or we can say the light is not relevant in comparison of day light. There may be many situations of low light photography such as a night wedding where you will preferably avoid to use the flash because it is really distracting for such type of situations, a rainy weather, indoor photographs,. In this article we are providing you best low light photography tips so that you can shoot stunning photographs even in low light conditions.

  • Always Be Close to the light source

    Always try to be closer as you can to the light source because as much light reflect to the camera it will be useful to get the clear and sharp images. While you are shooting indoor the large windows are great sources of light, so open up the curtains that causes blindness and darkness in the shooting area so that the light get into the room. In case if you…

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Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

Travel photography

The is a Digital SLR Camera review website that works to provide most valuable, helpful and detailed reviews on the best digital cameras available in the market. Here we are providing essential tips on travel photography. These tips are helpful for those photographers who are passionate about the traveling and love to capture beautiful moments along the way.

  • Location Research:
    The first photography tip in in this travel photography tips and tricks list, is the maximum research of the place where you are going. With the help of social media and local newspapers you can complete your research easily. For the travel specific photography online research is very useful. By just spending a few of hours you can easily find out the best hotels, restaurants and the best spots and places for capturing photos.
  • Shoot in Golden hours:
    The golden hours are best to click amazing shoots of some kind of subjects. But you need to get up early if want to shoot these photographs. The golden hour is considered one hour after the sun rise and one hour before the sun set. The photographs clicked in golden hours contain…

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Professional DSLR Cleaning Kit

camera cleaning kit

Cleaning of your DSLR camera is a tricky and complicated task. It is very important to take care about the camera cleaning other wise the performance and quality of images degrades along with time. If you are cleaning the expensive DSLR camera make sure that you are doing it in the right way otherwise it may cause harm to the camera lens. The correct and harmless cleaning of your camera is mostly dependent upon the tools that you are using for this purpose. Here we are providing you review about the full featured camera cleaning tools in a single professional camera cleaning kit that can be your helping hand. Surely, this camera cleaning kit is enough to make complicated cleaning process easy. Let us have a look at the tools that you are getting in this professional camera cleaning kit.

  • Purosol Natural Lens Cleaner:
    The Purosol cleaning solution in this kit is natural and does not contain any artificial chemicals such as alcohol, ammonia, detergent, or any other traditional…

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DSLR Cleaning Tips and Tricks

DSLR cleaning

Once you get your favorite Digital SLR camera it becomes quite important to keep it clean so that your camera quality could not degrade with the time. It is a good practice to clean your camera on regular basis and specially in summer because at that time your camera and lenses easily get covered with dust and sand. Here we are providing some of the essential tips and techniques about the cleaning of you precious DSLR camera.

  • Never use a cloth or tissue directly to remove the dust particles from the lens because the cloth or tissue trap the dust and causes scratches on the camera. So first of all always try to remove dust with the help of air blower and brush.
  • A variety of cleaning solution available in the market today which make it easy to clean your camera but whenever using the solution rather than spraying it directly to the camera lens always prefer to use solution via tissue or cloth. Because the excess of liquid solution may cause damage to lens.

The steps in camera cleaning are defined below:

Clean the body:
Start the cleaning of…

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Stunning digital photography By Tony Northrup

stunning photography

Stunning Digital Photography is a premium quality 241 pages digital photography book contains enormous tips and techniques by a award winning photographer Tony Northrup. The essential feature of this book is its self-paced photography class with over 9 hours of online training videos and free help from the author and other readers.The video training feature of this book provide easy understanding to photography by which it became ease to learn complex manual setting that is some time not possible with just reading the book.

The key points of Stunning digital photography:

  • How To Create Stunning Digital Photography DSLR book is integrated with over 9 hours of fast-paced, hands-on video tutorials that make easy learning of lessons. You can view the videos using any web browser or by scanning QR codes with your smart phone or tablet.
  • At the end of every lesson you will be facilitated by a practices session that provide you the real world experience.
  • At the end of Chapters 2-13 you have the…
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Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

Digital photography tips

After purchasing your favorite Digital SLR camera it is quite important that you should utilize it in a proper way to get high quality stunning photographs. Here we are providing you best digital photography tips and techniques that guides you how to completely utilize your DSLR camera so as to snap amazing quality images.

  • If you are beginner to the DSLR world always start to shoot with automatic settings. Although all the DSLR cameras from top brands like Canon EOS 60D, Nikon Df, Sony Alpha a5000 and other provides excellent manual controls that enhance the creativity but it is an intelligent choice to use automatic setting. Once you became familiar with your camera functionality you can work better and able to enhance creativity in your photographs with the manual controls.
  • Always try to shoot at highest resolution because while shooting you never know before that which photograph you like to print larger.
  • Always keep your camera accessories and manual guide in your camera bag with a spare charged battery and…
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